the LOVE

Love Laundry is a family-owned laundromat and laundry service dedicated to providing a clean, friendly and convenient environment to wash your clothes and bedding.

Customer Service

We take great pride in our superior customer service and consistently deliver a quality product - from our variety of clean and well-maintained machines to our neatly washed and folded laundry, ready to pack or put away at home.

Our Facilities

Clean washrooms, credit card readers, a plethora of LCD televisions, vending machines and ample parking are a few of the many reasons we are known as a different kind of laundromat. We offer a variety of machines from your basic top-loaders, to more efficient front-loading machines, up to giant 8-load washers capable of handling specialty items or those who just want to wash it all at once.

A Different Experience

Gone are the days of dingy, dirty laundromats - if you follow your heart. No waiting around for a laundry basket or a folding table. Friendly staff are available to answer questions or take over with our wash-and-fold service if you prefer to spend your time elsewhere.